innovate your ideas

People have a desire to contribute to the greater good of a community
into which they have been welcomed and accepted.

A peer to peer cyptocurrency
for transferring assets.

Optimized for transferring assets, from one holder to another.

transparent and publicly
mineable cryptocurrency.

1% of full reward sent to fund for community-driven developments
and community events.


A Blockchain Cryptocurrency

Kimoracoin is a blockchain software development project designed to experiment
with alternative and additional concepts with ideas.

What Is KIMORA coin?

Kimora is a peer to peer cyptocurrency which uses Proof-of-Work for concensus. Kimora Coin is optimized for transferring assets from one holder to another. Kimora Coin is committed to keep mining accessible for common people. A GPU mine-able Coin intended to explore MasterNodes features and feasibility into its blockchain. Kimora give hobbyists new ways to become more involved with Kimora project.

Kimora Coin (KMR) is an open source project, published and mined transparently and publicly using its X21s POW Algorithm. X21s consists of 16 shuffled algorithms followed by 5 others. The network produces a block on average every 60 seconds, block reward halves every 2100000 blocks or approximately 4 Years. Till 52,500,000 blocks 1 percent of the miner reward is sent to a fund that will provide funding for community-driven developments and community events. The intention is to distribute these coins to members of the community for development work. It is an open source project, visible within a public software repository hosted by github.

Why Choose Us?

  • Peer to peer cryptocurrency with proof-of-work with
    the X21S algorithm.
  • Rapid software development and frequent releases of
    experimental features.
  • Kimora Coin has no corporate backing, and is 100% driven
    by a community of individuals.
  • Giving a firm commitment to maintaining the accessibility
    of mining Kimora Coin for hobbyists.
  • Kimoro Coin is the second only coin using X21S algorithm.
  • Miner gets rewarded with some currency whenever
    a new block mined.

KIMORA coin Exchange

We are blockchain technology expert

kimora Projects

Kimora Coin is focused on creating and cultivating an environment into which individuals
can pour their energies, and out of which innovative ideas can be found.

KIMORACOIN reward $ specification

This section explains how the block reward reductions will occur for Kimoracoin's lifespan.

kimoracoin Specifications

  • Proof-of-Work Algorithm: X21S
  • Block Time: 60 seconds
  • Community fund: 1% first year
  • Difficulty Retargeting: DGW-180
  • Pre-mine: start
  • Masternodes: 2
  • Asset layer: Activates at height 50,000
  • Asset layer Update: Activated!

Block Reward Schedule for KIMORACOIN

The block reward scheduled as 5,000 KMR are generated by each block with an average block time of 60 seconds. The block reward is scheduled to be reduced in half every 4 years. Add to this the 50 KMR per block that are generated for the development fund for the first year, the coin amounts to a final supply of 21,026,280,000 KMR. These numbers are valid and true as of the time of the writing of this paper, but they are subject to change.

Starting at height 157,081 we began a reduction of block rewards in a smooth exponential curve down. We sharply reduced the block reward from 5000 down to 1000 within 2 months after activation of this schedule. At block 287725 we reach 1000 and then we enter into the long-term reduction curve that will eventually take us down to a permanent block reward of 10 KMR per block.

Block rewards reduction in a smooth exponential curve

  • All
  • Short term
  • Long term

Kimora Coin Supply

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